23rd November 2020

Strata combines techniques for better results on Stonehenge project

Ground Investigation Strata

Strata Geotechnics drilling teams are using a new combination of ground investigation techniques and equipment to get more accurate results ahead of a major road infrastructure project.

The team, working on an important Highways England framework in the south of England is carrying out a mix of rotary and cable percussion drilling work between Amesbury and Salisbury to improve roads in the region.

To help them complete the work, the team is making use of our Comacchio 205 rig in combination with the Geobore S drilling system – the first time this approach has been used together by Strata Geotechnics.

With the natural geology of the area being made up largely of soft ground and chalk, the Geobore S drilling system is helping the team to extract samples more carefully, while the flexibility of the Comacchio 205 allowing for quick access in and out of tight spots.

The samples will help to inform the design process of the project so that ground engineering work can start on the new roads in the area.

The project is one of the first to come out of the southern region of the Highways England framework which is aimed at improving road systems all over the country.

The project began in September, with the team undertaking a mixture of rotary drilling and cable percussion drilling to test the overall ground conditions and find any potential contamination issues.

Strata is working with leading engineering consultancy RPS on the project – one of the first to come out of the southern region of the framework.